About us

Established in 2012, Take it Outside has always thrived to: ELEVATE LIFE'S ADVENTURES THROUGH AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCES by helping customers find items they love. 

We believe that NATURE is a gift to the mind, body and soul. It is essential to human health and has the power to shift your mood to a positive mindset

We believe that ADVENTURE fuels your soul. As humans we need to embrace new experiences.

We believe that continuing to GROW and learn new things by challenging your mind is essential to high performance. Growing your mind, body and spirit through listening, learning, and experiences with an open mind are important to fuel growth. 

Take it Outside is leading the casual active lifestyle revolution in Nova Scotia. We share your passion for adventure, your courage to defy limits, and your zest for living life large. Take it Outside has the brands and the expertise to help you to do what you love to do, where you love to do it. We’re inspired by Outsiders, people who see themselves as forces of nature and carry the spirit of the great outdoors in their hearts whether they’re on the trail or in the office. We are the original casual chic boutique with brands you love for adventures, hanging at home or comfort at work. 

Now with customized concierge shopping services we can have your items ready to try upon arrival or at the cash. Whether you want to be left alone to browse or have a full personalized experience you can let us know. Visit our website to download Checkmate Experience for the best possible in store adventure. 
Located on Inglis Place in downtown Truro, Hector Gate in Dartmouth Crossing, and Vernon St in Halifax and 50 Granite Dr Moncton, we are Taking it Outside every day. www.takeitoutside.ca.