Most Worn Travel Capsule Pieces


I’m not a stylist.  There, I said it.  And I don’t consider myself particularly fashion-forward.  I’m a travel blogger & marketer (weird mix, I know) who has gone from clothing hoarder to capsule wardrobe die-hard over the past 6 years.  After transforming my own personal style (and wardrobe), I now teach others how to build their capsule wardrobes.

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One of the most common questions my students ask is “Which items do you wear most in your capsule?”.  So today, I’m answering that question.


My Most Worn Capsule Wardrobe Staples

Based on actual data, these are my most worn items.  I’ve found myself reaching for these staples over and over in the last 12 months.

Fig Recycled Polyester Tank

(shop link)

This Semi-fitted tank with a v-neck is made with recycled polyester and is lightweight, quick-dry (really important for me) and easy to care for.  It’s got a simple, classic fit with a subtle detail at the back that elevates the piece just enough.  What I love most about this tank is that because it’s made from polyester, it never pulls, pills, wears or loses its shape.  It’s also extremely packable, doesn’t wrinkle and works as a great transition piece.

I’ve worn this tank hiking and waterfall hunting and I’ve also paired it with black dress shorts for an elevated evening look!  Bonus - it also offers UPF 25 solar protection.

Crop Rolled-Cuff Lightwash Denim

(shop link)

These are my favourite pair of casual denim jeans.  They appear shorter on the model than they are on me (I’m 5’6”) and I love the way they feel, fit and pair with all of my favourite shoes.  They’re light wash, so more casual, but I still dress them up and down.  Paired with a heeled sandal, black camisole and blazer, it’s the perfect evening out look.

Oversized Oxford Button Down

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This is the perfect classic white shirt (except it’s blue).  I do own a white variation as well but I wear the blue more often!  This is the oxford I’ve been searching for my whole life and I wear it more often than I should.  It works perfectly paired with just about everything and with so many tucking options, you can’t go wrong.  I’ve paired this with black dress pants and heels, popped in on over denim shorts and tank (opened) and even worn it as a beach cover-up.

Merino wool tanks

(shop link)

My collection of merino wool is still growing but my black and grey smart wool tanks are staples in my everyday wardrobe.  If you’re not familiar with merino wool, here are the benefits:

  • Comfort (they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer)
  • Lightweight (they’re super thin which means easy packing)
  • Odor-Resistance
  • Breathability
  • Quick-Drying
  • Durability (my tanks look the same today as they did the day I bought them)


If you can find merino wool basic T’s and tanks in white, black and grey - scoop them up!  They’re not always the easiest to find but they get more wear than anything else in my wardrobe. 


"I recommend sizing up in merino wool T’s, depending on the fit you like.  I use these as everyday staples and prefer a slightly oversized fit for more versatility in my wardrobe.  I don’t, however, size up the tanks because then you wind up with staps that are too long!"


Thin Knits

(shop link)


Thin knits in neutral colors with interesting details are always a great choice.  I own this Z-supply oversized weekender (in cream) as well as this Sanctuary waffle tunic (in black).  Because I travel all the time (carry-on only) thin knits that are packable and wrinkle-resistant are critical.  I love the oversized fit of both because they can easy pop over leggings or jeans or be tucked in with dress pants and layered under a blazer for a more elevated look.


Black Linen Dress

(shop link)


This blend dress is the most effortless thing I own.  It fits great and is super comfortable for any activity.  What I love most about it is that it feels and looks like a linen dress but it doesn’t wrinkle like a linen dress (because it’s actually only 30% linen).  Every wardrobe needs a perfect black dress and for me, this is it.


Oversized Blazer

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I have 3 oversized blazers in my collection but the most worn is my classic black boyfriend blazer followed closely by my patterned tartan blazer.  Like most things on this most-worn list, a blazer is a workhorse and works in almost any scenario.


Classic Black Dress Pants

(shop link)

This is the newest addition on this list but I’m already wearing the heck out of these dress pants.  Yes, they’re called a “silk jogger” which is a terrible name - they fit like the most perfect dress pant I’ve ever owned!  They also fit very differently than they appear on the model - they’re ankle length on me (5’6”) and are fitted yet slightly slouchy in the best way!  They look amazing with flats or heels and are made from rayon, nylon, and spandex mix which means…you guessed it… wrinkle-free!


Written by Dashboard Living

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