7 Stay-cation Ideas in Nova Scotia

Not everyone goes away on vacation during the winter; between financial strain, time commitments, and even the health scare that is going on around the world currently, sometimes it's easier to stay home. However, we know that it's healthy to still have a change of scenery, and it's important for both your body and mind to get out and explore new places.

We're all about hitting "Refresh" here at Take It Outside, and exploring the world around us - from your own backyard, to your province, to the other side of the globe.

If you aren't planning a big trip this year, why not consider a weekend getaway or day trip somewhere close by?


Check out this blog post, written by Dashboard Living, for their suggestions of winter (or spring!) getaway options in our own province.



Need some ideas for winter apparel and accessories to enjoy each trip (and each day!) to the fullest?

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