25 Ways to Take It Outside this Winter

The weather is changing, and it feels like spring *might* be right around the corner, but we never know when another snowfall may come and bam, just like that we're back to a winter wonderland again (has anyone else felt like in the past years, March feels like the new February?)

It can be challenging to want to get outside when it's cold, damp, and dark... but one of our favorite quotes at Take It Outside is, “There’s no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing." That’s so true!

Dashboard Living has been so kind as to give us some of their tips and ideas to take it outside this winter/spring. Here's what they have to say:

"We’re travelers, which means the people who visit our blog are also travelers and we hear complaints about cold weather all the time.  

There is a huge number of travelers who head for the sun in the winter months.  Don’t get us wrong, we love a sunny destination as much as the next guy but we’re also big fans of winter! To that end, if you’re not a fan of winter, we’d love the opportunity to change your mind..."

25 awesome ways to take it outside this winter:

Winter Hiking

We love hiking all year round but our favorites for winter include Victoria Park, High Head trail and Crowbar Lake.  As long as you tell someone where you’re going, dress appropriately and wear the right shoes you’re all set.

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Snowshoeing is great because, if you have enough snow, you can strap them on anywhere and just go.  Choose between dedicated hiking trails, golf courses or even on a frozen lake for a wonderful afternoon. Dal AC often hosts guided night snowshoe events as well that are worth checking out.

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Ski Martock, Ski Wentworth, and Cape Smokey (in Cape Breton) are all great options here in Nova Scotia. If you’re new to downhill sports, you might prefer to take a couple of lessons before you hit the slopes.  

Cross-Country Skiing

If downhill skiing isn’t your thing, may we suggest cross-country skiing! Trails range from beginner to advanced and, much like snowshoeing, if you’ve got enough snow you can ski anywhere. We love the cross-country trails in Victoria Park as well as the groomed trails at Wentworth.

Outdoor Skating

Truro offers free skating at Civic square, as does the Emera circle in Halifax. You can even rent skates for free if you don’t own a pair.  

Ice Fishing

Don’t scroll by this one! Trust me - when someone first suggested I go ice fishing I was sure I wouldn’t enjoy it but after 8 hours on the ice, I actually loved it! Find a guide who can show you the ropes, dress warmly and give it a try.

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding isn’t as popular here in Nova Scotia as it is in other parts of the world like New Hampshire, for example, but you can still find mushers each season that will take you on a tour.  It’s a really interesting experience that we’re so glad we participated in last year and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

Winter Surfing

Think the ocean is only for the summer? Think again! Nova Scotia is world-renowned for it’s surfing...specifically, it’s winter surfing! If you’re new to the sport, White Point Beach Resort is a great place to start because they offer beginner lessons. When you’re done, curl up by the fire and enjoy the crashing surf from the comfort of your beachside cottage.


Good old fashioned tobogganing! Choose your weapon - sled, flying saucer, traditional toboggan and find a hill. Just be sure there’s a safe place to land!

Winter Camping

Winter camping doesn’t get the credit it deserves! Aside from the fact that you’ll likely have the campground nearly to yourself, it also allows you to experience something pretty cool that most others never will. The camping gear available today is so high tech, you’ll have no problems braving the cold.

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Winter Glamping

If winter camping isn’t your speed, consider glamping instead! Stay in a Yurt or bunkhouse with a wood stove and get all the fun of camping without actually having to sleep in the elements.

Hot Tubbing

If you’re feeling like you need some relaxation, find a cottage or cabin that boasts an outdoor hot tub.  A couple of our favorites are Irwin Lake Chalets, the Tidal Bore Rafting Resort and Cambra Sands - all with outdoor hot tubs here in Nova Scotia!

Sleigh Ride

There are plenty of places to enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride in the snowy months. Most notably, Hatfield Farms offers all kinds of winter activities that will add a little excitement to the cold months.


Buying your own snow machine is a big investment, sure. But you can also act like a tourist in your own backyard and simply find a snowmobile tour operator.  Gather a few friends and hit the trails for an afternoon.

Roast Marshmallows

Bundle up, get a bonfire going, and have a proper marshmallow roast on a snowy night.  We’d also recommend a hot beverage! Pro-tip: pull out your Yetis to keep your drink hot for hours, even in sub-zero temps.

Winter Festivals

There are too many winter festivals to list but a quick google search will yield all kinds of festivals and events that take place all winter. The Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl runs the entire month of February each year, and Jack Frost Winterfest in PEI is a fan favorite. But don't stop there, there are many others to check out as well!

Try Broomball

There’s no better way to embrace winter than by picking up a new winter sport.  Broomball has been growing in popularity and now it’s easy to get yourself on a team!

Visit Peggy’s Cove

Peggy’s Cove isn’t just for the summer! Grab your camera and head to this landmark for an incredible winter view. The Peggy’s Cove lobster roll truck is also open for business throughout the winter on weekends.

Visit Sugarmoon Farm

A sugar bush tour and visit to a local sugar shack is a must for anyone who lives in a snowy climate. Sugarmoon Farm also has a beautiful hiking trail (also fun on snowshoes) and a cozy fire where you can warm up and enjoy some buttermilk biscuits and pancakes after your adventure.

Winter Markets 

Farmer’s markets aren’t seasonal anymore!  There are all kinds of markets open year-round in Nova Scotia making them a great place to stock up on all your winter needs.

Beach Hopping

Have you ever been to the beach in the winter? It’s a thing! Not only are there no crowds, but the ocean is even more magnificent when it’s cold outside. 


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Whatever you plan to get up to in the coming weeks while the weather changes, make sure you dedicate some time for YOU, to get fresh air, to clear your mind, and to reconnect with nature. It's worth it, and YOU'RE worth it!



Written in collaboration with Dashboard Living

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